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Playstation 3 updating slow

We recently published an article based on the best gaming routers for Xbox One.

That seemed to go down well, but it’s not fair on the Playstation 4 owners out there among you, so it’s definitely about time we rounded up the best wireless routers for PS4.

Keep you guys happy too 😉 But before we do, here is what we consider to be the best router for your PS4.

Dynamic Qo S – Quality of Service is so important when you’re gaming. DD-WRT Compatible – If you are feeling brave, you can flash the firmware with DD-WRT. Once done, you will have many more options to play around with so you can tweak to your heart’s content. Now let’s be honest, there isn’t any real difference in features or performance that you need to be aware of, whether you are a PS4 or an Xbox owner (or a PC gamer for that matter).Even if you only have consoles on your network, who is to say another console or PC isn’t updating something in the background? To remind you of what to look out for, and be wary of, we will compile a list of features and technologies that will help you make your choice.And hey, it might even make your choice more complicated, but don’t shoot the messenger! It will always beat Wi-Fi for speed and reliability.We’ll also provide you with some tips to get the best out of your router (or the router you are going to purchase). Alongside this, there are too many known unknowns with wireless and how reliable it is.Wireless is prone to interference, which can affect connectivity and increase latency. Cables have wire pairs that can send and receive simultaneously.Wi-Fi however is half-duplex, which means it can only either send or receive at any one time.This doesn’t really matter in most cases, but in time critical gaming, it potentially could be the difference. Now some of you may have your PS4 located too far away from the router or really can’t drag a cable across the room or multiple rooms.Well, there is another solution which might still be better than using Wi-Fi…and that is by using a Powerline adapter.Also check out: Best wired routers Powerline adapters basically plug into your power sources and utilize the electrical wiring in your home.Each adapter should plug in close to source and destination devices.Then use your node’s Ethernet ports to connect to the Powerline plugs.

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