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For those not familiar with the word Lobola, its refers to a traditional marriage practice where a set amount is given to the bride’s family as a form of dowry among some South African peoples.

Secondly, a very important question is, is the word DOWRY found in the scriptures? I worked with a man whose wife was diagnosed with a rare form of incurable cancer.

If yes, what did it mean to the folks in the scriptures compared to what it means today? He had to pay a dowry which consisted of working for 7 years for each wife. Why was there a need for the father to bless the couple after the reception of the dowry? The blessing of the father during the marriage ceremony after reception of dowry is needed to Numbers 30:3-8 teaches that before a woman is married, she is under the authority or headship of her Father. The man understood this verse and thus did not even pray.

In scripture did it signify an engagement or pre-marriage ceremony or was it the actual marriage ceremony itself? How many young men today will be willing to do this for someone they loved? To understand this, you must what Jesus meant when he said :ings and priests or a royal priesthood. GOD himself says in verse 3, that for this reason if the girl makes a vow to GOD himself, her father who is her spiritual and physical head has authority from GOD to cancel that vow and GOD will accept it. He just refused the report of sickness upon his wife as the only one with authority over her under GOD and guess what? By the blessing his barren mum Hannah received from a fat, backslidden priest whose sons stole GODs offerings and slept with the ushers.

Finally is there any scriptural record that GOD has done away with or rejects dowries? After the years were completed, the women became his actual wife not somebody he was engaged to. The Lord has bound himself to cancel any vow made by a wife even to GOD himself once the husband i.e. To the astonishment of the medical community, the cancer vanished and she is alive until today decades later. Despite the spiritual condition of Eli, GOD answered and caused Hannah to be pregnant. A white wedding is something new to Africa and inherited from Europe nevertheless its OK.

In exchange for the dowry he got a blessing of the girl’s dad after which they celebrated and he consummated the union in his tent. No man no matter how rich he is can even pay for his own life much less pay for the life of a woman. Second, there is a difference between a good dowry and bad one. he explains that if a boy has pre-marital sex with a girl, in certain instances, he is to be forced to marry her. Was it to appear before the Priest and have a wedding? a girl’s father need not be born again to give his blessing. The important thing is whether we do a traditional wedding or a white wedding, let us make sure we get the blessing of the father or girl’s family.

I will explain the purpose of this blessing in the book of numbers later so bear it in mind. What makes it good is the quality and amount and the manner in which it is given and accepted. Gen 24:4 explains that he sent his oldest servant We have looked at the examples of three mighty men. The answer found in family releasing her to the man. If you are a Christian, it means you have become a part of a new family in Christ and that family also has a tradition of blessing marriages by Pastors who are shepherds of God’s flock.Finally Leah said, How about Papa Abraham, the mighty father of faith and friend of GOD? Papa Abraham and his children never had white weddings…they simply exchanged dowries based on their traditional cultures…yet it was enough for GOD to be equal to a full marriage ceremony after which they were allowed to consummate the union. SO as a Christian, even after getting the parental blessing, go ahead and get the Church blessing too. It is GOD the Ultimate of all brides himself who blesses marriage ceremonies whether done traditionally or legally with the state or in church. Couples should have in mind that the source of all marital blessing is GOD.Concertedly speaking, many folks prefer to go to the state or the court and sign papers as a way to marry. Let us put no yoke on each other or condemn someone for their choice.According to Rom 13:1, GOD recognizes this as marriage because GOD is the source of the authority of all states whether the know and accept it or not. In most countries and before GOD, this is also marriage because of Rom 13:1 and all the scriptural examples I have shown previously. If your grand parents did not have a church wedding but they had a traditional one it does not mean their marriage was not recognized in the sight of GOD. Christianity is between the individual and their GOD and it himself.When Paul wrote Rom 13:1 and 1Timothy 2:2 telling saints to submit to and pray for emperors, these emperors were wicked pagan killers and haters of GOD.Yet he asked saints to respect them and pray for them. Because Paul knew what David knew…that ALL Marriage is the reintegration of woman into man.It is the restoration of the rib back into the rib-cage of a man to restore the ONE new man to full capacity.It is the supernatural act of GOD making the two ONE which reflects the relationship between Christ and the Church. Apostle Paul in Eph 5 calls it a great mystery or secret.Sadly most folks do not make time to explore this secret and thus have no revelation of this mystery.All they know about marriage is two people coming together to have kids and serve BUT its much greater than that.To understand true marriage as GOD sees it, try to study the relationship between Jesus and His church.

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