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Organise a speed dating event

If dating within your circles have become cumbersome and the pool, as it were, have become smaller, speed dating may seem like the ideal way out of the rut.It’s taking your match-making to the next level; unlike conventional dates, you have the option of walking away without conjuring a vivid tale to plot your escape route.At the end of your five to seven minutes, both parties are free to walk away forever or take things to the next level – making it both refreshing and liberating for both parties.

You will need a venue, preferably open space with background music to set the scene. Be sure to signs, name tags, markers, cards, tables, chairs, bell, whistle or alarm, pens or pencils, refreshments.

This depends on a large number of factors which you may want to have a quick research on the demography. Once you understand the type of audience around you, you would need to decide how best to reach out to them.

Ask yourself, does this area sound like a place where singles would want to come to? Remember, speed dating still considered taboo is some social circles and thought of as a ‘last resort’ measure.

You can use social media effectively, targeting particular cities, people, and age categories.

You can use conventional methods like newspapers, fliers, and signs in bars, clubs, and restaurants to cover all your bases.

gendating com - Organise a speed dating event

The day before the event, the venue must be set up with two chairs facing each other and along a table for the number of participants you are expecting.Place an alarm of bell where it can be sounded easily and be heard by everyone.On the day of the event, gather as much information of the people who attend.You can use a registration document including full name, phone number, address, and e-mail addresses.This could be used to tell them if there were any potential matches during the night.When entering the venue, hand a name tag to each participants – it’s advisable to use their first name at this point to protect their privacy.It may appear that the participants may be aware of how speed dating works, but it is best to run through the details and rules once before.Introduce yourself as an organizer, and explain that they could come to you in the event of an emergency for uncomfortable situation.Have one set of men or women sit on one side of the room and have the other group shuffle at the sound of the alarm.At the end, collect the cards and check where the matching has occurred.As you have collected the information of the participants, it would be advisable to form a database with the information which can be used at another event.

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