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Ohio valley dating

three-foot-high prehistoric effigy mound on a plateau of the Serpent Mound crater along Ohio Brush Creek in Adams County, Ohio.

Originally thought to be Adena in origin, a 1996 carbon dating study led scholars to believe the mound was built by members of the Fort Ancient culture around 1070 CE.

Including all three parts, the Serpent Mound extends about 1,376 feet (419 m), and varies in height from less than a foot to more than three feet (30–100 cm).

Conforming to the curve of the land on which it rests, with its head approaching a cliff above a stream, the serpent winds back and forth for more than eight hundred feet and seven coils, and ends in a triple-coiled tail.

The shape itself consisted mostly of a layer of yellowish clay and ash that was reinforced with a layer of rocks, and then covered with a layer of soil.

though some scholars posit that the oval feature symbolizes the sun, the body of a frog, or merely the remnant of a platform.

The effigy's extreme western feature is a triangular mound approximately 31.6 feet (9.6 m) at its base and long axis.There are serpent effigies in Scotland and Ontario that are very similar.The dating of the design, the original construction, and the identity of the builders of the serpent effigy are three questions still debated in the disciplines of social science, including ethnology, archaeology, and anthropology.In addition, contemporary American Indians have an interest in the site.Several attributions have been entered by academic, philosophic, and Native American concerns regarding all three of these unknown factors of when designed, when built, and by whom.Recently the dating of the site has been brought into question.While it has long been thought to be an Adena site based on slim evidence, a couple of radiocarbon dates from a small excavation raise the possibility that the mound is no more than a thousand years old.Middle Ohio Valley people of the time were not known for building large earthworks, however; they did display a high regard for snakes as shown by the numerous copper serpentine pieces associated with them.Historically, researchers first attributed the mound to the Adena culture (1000 BC - 1 AD).William Webb, noted Adena exponent, found evidence through carbon dating for Kentucky Adena as early as 1200 BC.As there are Adena graves near the Serpent Mound, scholars thought the same people constructed the mound.

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