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Offline address book not updating

We are in Hybrid mode, users on office 365 are facing the Offline address book issue on Mac Outlook 2016.

Offline Address book is not getting update for them.

The Offline Address Book files that get downloaded by Outlook clients are stored on the CAS Server(s) in the following folder (assuming that you have performed an Exchange installation using the default folders) : C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Client Access\OAB\ If one of these parameters is not ok, you most likely will have a problem with the offline address book.

I’m convinced that you will be able to fix the issue, but you can only fix the issue if you know that an issue exists.

So you have to monitor this folder and see if the files get updated.

In fact, it may be ok to just monitor the timestamp of and report back if the file gets older than one day (for example).

The following simple powershell script may help you monitoring the timestamp of on your cas servers : Simply edit the variables at the top of the script : set email addresses, the folder path to (only specify the path, not the file name), set the number of hours you want to allow and schedule the script to run every hour or so.

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