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Our ample packaging & equipment options will meet all your Private Label needs. Our Stand-Up Bag (SUB) stands up on your shelf and stands up for freshness to keep products at peak quality. The film is interior-coated with PVDC for a gas & moisture barrier.

Their handy, familiar shape offers immediate appeal to consumers.

Our composite cans are available in numerous sizes.

Small but mighty, nuts are what we think of when we hear the phrase, "good things come in small packages." Nuts pack a one-two punch when it comes to flavor and providing heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins and minerals.

When enjoyed in moderation, nuts help you feel full and suppress your appetite, making them a terrific way to help you maintain a healthy weight.

In addition to enjoying them raw as a snack, nuts can be used in baking and cooking or added to salads, cereals and yogurt for crunchy tastiness.

As our name implies, we are the gold standard on the subject of nuts here at Oh! To ensure you received the freshest quality nuts at wholesale pricing, we have eliminated several middlemen - distributors, sub distributors and sub wholesalers.

Our selection is farm and factory fresh because our inventory comes directly from wholesalers that deal directly with the brands.

We have filled our inventory of nuts with the most popular varieties, including almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistachios, pecans, walnuts hazelnuts and peanuts.

Sold in bulk, our customers are able to buy small or large quantities at an incredible value.

Whether you will use them to snack on, bake or to create endless gift baskets for friends, family or fundraisers, we have the quality and quantity you need.

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