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Then there are the details: the abs, the chest, the arms, and the muscle that exists without going overboard. The perfect body isn’t insanely good at one thing, but rather awesome at everything.

It’s set aside for work, to clear your mind, and to build a badass body. The greater his body is condition, the more money he is likely to make, and the more success he is likely to have. Rest like a pro If you’re going to push your bodies limits and work your arse off in the gym, you’re going to have to recover like you mean it.

The thing is, I’d argue that our success is directly linked to how well our bodies look and perform as well. Speaking from personal experience, when I’m looking my best, and in my best shape, I sleep better, I have more energy to work harder – and play harder – and I’m more confident. If you don’t, say goodbye to the benefits you should see from your training.

Walk into the gym like your success is directly linked to how good you look and how well your perform. Our bodies need recovery, especially when we’re training like madmen. Feel free to be active the rest of those days of course, but have at least 1-2 days of complete rest scheduled into your routine.

If you need to add muscle, you won’t unless you are recovering enough.———————————If you’re not trying to build ‘the perfect’ body – I mean at least trying – what are you trying to do?

I’ve always felt that the ideal should be the goal: If you reach for the moon and fail, at least you land amongst the stars.

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