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Male Masseur from San Francisco, CA Available for muscle rubbing care and exploring the senses w/ 10yrs of massage experience.

Offer Therapeutic, Sensual, Erotic and BDSM Sessions.

I really really like to be naked on a massage table.

I like to come into a room with a lady and have her ask me to get undressed.

I love it when she doesn't leave the room and watches.

I love to lay down and have her touch me all over, lightly grazing her hands over my back, my...Last week I once again put an ad in Cragslist advertising free massages for women.I state that i will massage as little or as much as they want - from a simple neck massage to full body. NOw the class wasn't a sexual massage class, it was very much on the level and very professionally done.I also state that they can be dressed to their comfort. We both agreed that having the instructor, a very nice Caribbean guy, demonstrate massage techniques using first my wife, then me as...When I graduated from nursing school my grandparents gave me a gift certificate for a cruise in the Caribbean. I had somehow survived going to college on eating popcorn for dinner and driving and ancient car without a heater or air conditioning...One of my male friends who was a massage therapist wanted to give me a massage.One day while I was in his area of the city I text him and told him I was coming over.Manuvering around a busy downtown can be tricky especially when trying to parallel park a 5 speed on a hill. A few times per year we participate in a special event, well organized with strict rules and highly erotic. It is strictly for couples only, you make a reservation by email or phone. Most of the time we used to be on the beach and enjoying watching the couples almost nude lying on little towels on the warm sand.Around 8 PM you are expected, in a kind a large club house. The massage kids were freely moving with oil bottles and we could enjoy many men and women getting their... By: Me Written on July 26th, 2013 Are you are a woman that thinks the idea of foreplay, starts with a hot shower.... And it ends with a breakfast of fresh fruit, coffee, and hot pancakes with...Every month, on last friday of the month, I perfom a penis massage on my bf. I have done all sorts of odd jobs for her for trading massages.The idea of this massage is not to got for the ****** or to make him *********, but to massage his genitals for relaxation and to de-stress his penis to make him fresh. I have actually given her three full body massages as well.

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