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You were looking at an old newsletter that linked to the old site. If there's a specific older article you're looking for, just go to and search for it from the black “Search…” box at the top of the page. You will still see the site header, ads and other content surrounding the text.

When we launched the new site, we transferred an archive of more than 15,000 (! However, if you actually print the page, only the text will print. Komando really is my last name, and I carry my birth certificate to prove it!

My grandparents came to America from the Ukraine, and their name was shortened at Ellis Island. Use the Station Finder to find out how you can listen to Kim in your area.

It dates to a late 16th century group of marauding Cossack warriors - or something like that! If Kim's show isn't broadcast in your city, join Kim's Club to listen and watch whenever you want!

The answer to both questions is "yes." However, due to the number of messages she receives, a personal reply to every message just isn't possible. If you are a PR representative, use this form to submit releases. Cookies let us remember your preferences between visits, which means you can get right to reading your favorite articles. Web bugs are tiny images embedded in Web pages that track a user’s online activities.

However, we don't use tracking or third-party cookies. This site uses small, static images as design elements only.

Some security programs may misidentify such images as Web bugs. Kim does not endorse Google’s Ad Sense advertisers.

Kim only endorses products with which she is familiar.We run Ad Sense ads to support the large number of tips, buying guides and news reports we generate for our readers.Google screens ads appearing in its Ad Sense network, although according to Google some ads may run before Google's Ad Words staff has had the opportunity to screen them.Additionally, we kick advertisers off our site when we notice an ad we don’t like, or when we receive a complaint from our visitors.Should you have a complaint, please report it here.Remember to include the full name of the advertiser and its Web address (URL), if possible.We will remove ads with inappropriate or misleading content.You can also complain to Google on this complaint form.Kim's Club members Log in to your Kim’s Club account here.Select the Newsletters tab and uncheck the newsletters you do not want to receive. Non-members: : Open a recent email newsletter you received from At the bottom, click the link that says, "Manage your email newsletters." Check the newsletters you wish to receive and click the Update button.

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