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After Masinde Muliro debacle…Kenyans now welcome the new stars of the show the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Tech, fondly known as JKUAT!!

Like thousands of other Kenyans, Susan Wairimu, 17, was displaced from her home in the Rift Valley Province’s Molo district during the violence that followed a disputed presidential election in December 2007 and sought shelter in the nearby town of Nakuru.

A cousin living in the coastal town of Mombasa offered to accommodate her until the violence ended, offering an escape from the single tent she shared with her parents at the displaced persons camp in Nakuru.

“I had no idea of the kind of work my cousin used to do in the beginning; I came to know some few days after my arrival, when she told me she operates as a call girl from the beaches.” Kenya’s coast is one of its most popular tourist destinations: an estimated two million tourists visited Kenya in 2007, many of them heading for the Indian Ocean towns of Mombasa, Malindi and Lamu, where commercial sex work is one of the main ways many women earn money.

Before long Wairimu was introduced to the business of selling sex.

“We now have the skills and have learnt that the amount of money a man parts with will determine the kind of pleasure we will offer him.

For example, making love without a condom will cost a client more money than using one,” she said.“The killing in my village taught me a lesson and prepared me for a tough life, and now I do not fear death any more,” she added.“I do not fear HIV and I believe that you will die when your day arrives, and the disease will not determine, but only God.” Wairimu accepts as little as 300 Kenya shillings (US.50) for an entire night, sometimes with two men.Locals at the coast say sex workers in the region traditionally used to target wealthy foreign tourists, usually from Europe.Today, a fall in tourist numbers after the post-election violence and an increased number of sex workers means every man, old or young, black or white, is seen as a potential customer.Wairimu is one of an estimated two hundred girls between 15 and 18 years of age who are now engaged in full-time sex work along Kenya’s coast, according to Solidarity with Women in Distress (SOLWODI), a local non-governmental organisation that sensitises sex workers to the dangers of HIV/AIDS.Increase in child sex trade Child sex work is not uncommon along the coast; a 2006 study [ by the government and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) found that up to 30 percent of teenagers in some coastal areas were involved in casual sex for cash.Agnetta Mirikau, a child protection specialist with UNICEF Kenya, told IRIN/Plus News that the organisation had received reports of an increase in the child sex trade since the election.SOLWODI’s field coordinator in Mombasa, Grace Odembo, told IRIN/Plus News that most of the girls who resorted to sex work were high school drop-outs, which would make it difficult for them to find formal employment.“The girls have opted to sell their bodies in order to get money for survival,” Odembo said. to convince them out of [sex work].” The 2006 study also found that 35.5 percent of all sex acts involving children and tourists took place without condoms, putting the girls at risk of contracting HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.The HIV prevalence in Kenya’s Coast Province is 5.9 percent, higher than the national average of 5.1 percent.

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