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Photos from the 37th International Internet Dating Conference taking place on January 14 - 16, 2014 in Las Vegas.The 11th Annual i Date2014 in Las Vegas is the largest collection social networking executives during the year and is the most successful event for the industry.Hundreds of internet dating industry executives, matchmakers, software providers, marketing / advertising firms, venture capitalists, affiliate managers, payment processors, background search companies and affiliates were in attendance.

We trust that you will find this event exciting, fun and a great learning experience.

Flik Media, Inc., formerly Crossbox, Inc., is a provider of a mobile video dating service.

The Company has developed a software application, flikdate, that enables men and women to interact live by video social dating across the world on their mobile phones.

The Company's flikdate technology is based on live video chat capabiliti...

I am not normally big on beautification but, after all, I do have dates with three women in the next few hours.

It is only halfway through polishing my shoes that I realise how superfluous that is because I am going video mobile phone dating.

The gods of technology do not smooth my path to Rubika’s heart as I travel two miles across east London seeking a video signal.

She can’t work out how to point the mini video camera at herself while watching me on her screen and I can’t hear what she is saying because I can’t find the volume control.

Once the gremlins have been banished, I learn that Rubika Balendra, 19, is a vivacious, articulate medical student having a great time at Cambridge University.

She wanted to be a scientist but decided she could help more people by being a doctor.

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