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Military corrosive ammunition dating

Welcome to the new United States website for Sellier & Bellot ammunition.

Over the years we have produced billions of rounds of small-caliber ammunition for millions of shooters and hunters worldwide.

If you haven’t tried Sellier & Bellot products why not make the switch.

Rest assured that no matter what your sport or circumstance, you can always depend on each and every round of Sellier & Bellot ammunition to perform as promised.

As passionate hunters and shooters ourselves, we take pride in offering ammunition products that feature quality, dependability, innovation and value.

Whether you are a target shooter or a law enforcement specialist, cowboy action enthusiast or a hunter, Sellier & Bellot has an extensive line of loaded ammunition offerings in a wide assortment of calibers, bullet weights, and bullet styles.

The S&B “Home Page” is your launching pad so start your adventure by viewing the drop-down navigation bar or make a quick click to various sub-sections by using the slider menu.

There is also a complete sitemap for your reference located in the “Corporate” drop-down tab, which will allow quick clicks to any of your favorite sections.

There is a product search engine that will narrow down product selections based on categories like rifle, handgun (pistol and revolver), shotshells, rimfire and components.

You can also search by caliber or bullet styles to focus on those specific products that are pertinent to your weapons collection.

If you are interested in our print catalog, feel free to view our online catalog or contact us to order a copy for your coffee table.

Comments Military corrosive ammunition dating

  • Pulling bullets from military surplus 303 British ammunition.

    Sep 5, 2015. How difficult is it to pull bullets from military surplus 303 British ammunition and leave primers intact and fully functional? Please describe the process. The surplus 303 British ammunition mostly will all be berdan primed and some of the older stuff may still have corrosive primers. I think the Greek stuff was.…

  • Yugoslovia - Mosin-

    Repacked Russian ammunition is sometimes found in Yugoslovian boxes and tins as seen below. Labels on Yugoslovian boxes will contain the word "METAK" which means cartridge. Military ammunition is made with a corrosive berdan primer see headstamp "PPU over Date", civilian 7.62x54R is usually non-corrosive.…

  • U. S. Army STAND-TO! Small Caliber Ammunition M855A1.

    Oct 29, 2013. The EPR's exposed hardened steel penetrator gives the tip of the cartridge a bronze color due to corrosion protection. It also significantly improves the. To date, the Army has eliminated 1,994 metric tons of lead from 5.56 ammunition production by switching to M855A1. What efforts does the Army have.…

  • Berdan-Primed Ammo - Lucky Gunner

    Berdan-primed ammo is popular in military surplus ammunition and ammunition from countries and militaries outside the United States. Some people don't mind purchasing ammo with corrosive primers, but they can be harmful to a firearm if the firearm is not properly cleaned after each use. Again, there is plenty of.…