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Mark sanford dating

The Argentinian beauty who broke up former South Carolina Gov.Mark Sanford's marriage and derailed his political career broke her silence about the infamous affair during a Spanish-language interview, explaining that she's still acclimating to her life as the fiancée of an American politician.

"I'm starting out, I can't tell you much yet," Chapur added, when asked about her experience living with Sanford. "Everybody has a fantasy that governors or lawmakers make a lot of money," she said.

"What I can tell you is that he works a lot and deeply loves his country." and suggested U. 'I'm going to take away that fantasy because a governor in the United States makes $108,000 per year …

it's not even enough to pay for private school for his children." The couple's affair was exposed in 2009 when the former governor went AWOL from the Palmetto State for five days to visit Chapur in Argentina.

The scandal led Sanford's wife Jenny to divorce him and also resulted in Sanford finishing out his last term in disgrace.

But Sanford's life has been on the upswing in recent months: he and Chapur later became engaged, and in May, he won a special congressional election for the seat he had held in the 1990s.

Screenplay By: George Axelrod & Billy Wilder Directed By: Billy Wilder Throughout recorded history certain images, phrases and people become entrenched in the public conscious.

In 1955 by wearing a dress and standing over a subway grate Marilyn Monroe became a sex symbol like no other.

The dress flitting about in the breeze while she futilely tries to hold it in place became an image that was sought after as the every definition of sexuality, and even in today’s much more vulgar world it is still an image that is used to espouse sexuality.

The funny thing is that the scene in the movie is much different from the actual image that permeates the cultural landscape.

Yes, Marilyn’s dress does get blown to and fro, but quick cuts and angles stop you from actually seeing anything to revealing, although the slightest shot of her bare legs is enough for most guys.

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