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Lesbian dating attraction

For any woman the whole idea of dating is one that terrifies most of us.

I’ve always been attracted to women and through transition that hasn’t changed.

Many a time I’ve been out in gay bars and clubs and I’ve had gay guys coming onto me, or guys generally.

Assuming I’m changing gender because I like guys, or guessing I’m pre-op and want to have “THAT” experience. As a transgender woman, I understand that it would be easier for me to fit into society’s heteronormative ideals of what sexuality are, as it would be far easier to do so and blend in.

Honestly I’ve had total strangers offer their services to me for that. I have even tried to look at men objectively in that way, as I know some people do change when they start HRT when they start their transition and who they are attracted to can change.

But for me I just can’t find men sexually attractive.

I can look at a man and say how beautiful or handsome they look, but if it came to more than that? I consider that honesty is absolutely the most important part of any relationship.If you haven’t got honesty from the start, then you have a relationship built on rocky foundations and that just isn’t the best start to any relationship.So despite my going out to clubs and bars, dancing and have the odd snog with a lady it never really progressed beyond that.At times I felt like a curiosity more than a potential girlfriend.I don’t think I’m ugly, but I began to think I would never meet anyone. I registered for a few very well-known dating sites and was very upfront about my being trans (as I say honesty is a must in my opinion).I would receive notifications all of the time either from women saying they were interested in meeting up – or – instant messages along the lines of, “Hi, you look hot”… Most of them wouldn’t have read my profile and when I asked them if they had, they would either block me, or say they wanted to be friends only.Now for me this was really confusing paradoxically because you like, you find me attractive, but as soon as you realise I’m transgender you’re not interested at all?After 6 months or so of this I was so disheartened and disappointed that I left both sites.I figured I would never find anyone, at least not until at least I was post-op, so I threw myself into being happy for me.I did ballet and I started singing in a community choir in Bournemouth called Chicken Soup.For ballet I told them I was transgender before the classes, I felt it was important for them to realise that I was transgender and I have to say they were marvellous.

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