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I heard about a new social network being created for Mormons- New Mo HUB.

Bella's whole identity becomes built upon her relationship with Edward, to the exclusion of almost anyone and anything else.

Having a great relationship with your boyfriend of course includes doing fun things and spending time together, but you also need to make sure you have a healthy balance of time spent with friends, family, school (or work) and interests.

Since having a relationship end is very upsetting, you need to have healthy coping mechanisms. She goes practically catatonic for 3 months after Edward dumps her, and then engages in extremely and increasingly risky behavior, like taking a thrill ride on a motorbike with a complete stranger, and jumping off a cliff into the ocean, simply to have the hallucination of hearing Edward's voice.

A relationship cannot be so all consuming that if it ends you having nothing left.

Healthy coping includes things like talking with your friends, parents, or someone else who is close to you for support; taking time for yourself like going on walks or riding a bike because exercising can really help get those endorphins (the feel good hormone) going in your brain; and most importantly praying for strength and healing.

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