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We will tell you what you need in a relationship, where you screwed up (without knowing it) in past relationships and a customized action plan to make your next relationship successful.The title of "world's largest palace by area enclosed within the palace's fortified walls" is held by China's Summer Palace complex in Beijing, which covers an area of 720,000 square meters (178 acres).The 980 buildings of the Forbidden City have a combined floor space of 1,614,600 square feet (150,001 m In the castle category, Prague Castle claims to be world's largest.

Like the Forbidden City, it comprises a number of palaces, temples, and halls (constructed over several centuries) that share a common defensive wall.

Altogether, the complex covers 18 acres, leading to the self-appointed title of "Largest coherent castle complex in the world." While many buildings carry the title of "palace," they either are no longer, or were never intended to be, used as a royal residence, a sovereign residence or a bishop residence.

Romania's Palace of the Parliament contains 3,552,120 square feet (330,003 m it was never a royal residence, as Romania's last monarch abdicated in 1947, but it was the palace intended to be used by the sovereign Nicolae Ceausescu, Romania's supreme ruler and dictator.

England's Palace of Westminster was built in the Middle Ages as a royal residence.

It served as the principal residence of the monarch until 1522, when Henry VIII moved his court to the newly acquired Palace of Whitehall.

Since that time, the palace at Westminster has been used by the House of Lords, the House of Commons and various courts.The majority of the medieval palace was destroyed by fire in 1834, with construction of the current building starting in 1840.The palace which now stands on the site was designed specifically for parliamentary use, however it is the property of the monarch in right of the Crown and retains its status as a royal residence.Very little of the medieval palace survived, but the most significant is Westminster Hall, built in 1097 during the reign of William II.Several palaces are former royal residences that reached their current grand sizes after they ceased being used as royal residences, and were converted to some other purpose.The best example of such subsequent expansion is the Louvre Palace.As a royal residence, the Louvre Palace was much smaller than the modern day Louvre Museum.The Louvre Palace was abandoned as a royal residence in 1682, when Louis XIV moved his court to the Palace of Versailles.The Louvre Palace was relegated to the role of displaying royal collections and hosting administrative services, and over the centuries it went through several renovations, expansions and additions, including a significant one as an Imperial Palace during the second French Empire in the 19th century.It only reached its current size of 2,260,421 square feet (210,000 m Russia's Winter Palace and its annexes were not expanded after the Revolution, but the State Hermitage Museum also occupies other buildings which add to the size of the museum, but not to the palace.The Winter Palace contained 645,835 square feet (60,000 m This includes the Small and the Old Hermitage buildings that were annexes to the main palace, which were used by the Imperial Court and are part of the palace complex.

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