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He suffered a 5in fracture to the skull and a severe brain haemorrhage.

The 84-year-old was found lying on his back at the bottom of the stairs by his granddaughter Aurelie, who lived with him and his wife Phylis.

Frank Bruno and Carpenter pretend to fight at the opening of a sports store in 1987 in Oxford Street.

He was the voice of the BBC's boxing coverage for nearly 50 years, becoming the subject of Bruno's 'Know what I mean, 'arry?

' catchprase in the 1980s He was taken to Kings College hospital to be treated but died three days later.

The inquest heard Mr Carpenter, famous for his close relationships with heavyweights Mohammad Ali and Frank Bruno, already had heart problems after suffering a minor heart attack in the summer of 2009 and had recently undergone bypass surgery.His son Clive, who lives in France, told how his father had been hospitalised for eight days over Christmas last year due to further complications following his operation, but said he seemed to be feeling better.But after a routine hospital check-up on March 17 this year he took a nap after feeling unwell and then fell down the stairs.Mr Carpenter's granddaughter Aurelie, said: 'He wasn't feeling well that day.I took him to the hospital for a check-up but he had trouble walking and had to take things really slow but he seemed to be fine after that.'I picked him up later but by the time he got back to the house he was having difficulties getting out the car and couldn't quite walk properly.'He said he felt unwell and he decided to go to bed for a bit.' About half an hour later she said she heard him get up and start walking down the stairs. I went to him immediately and realised he had fallen.He was lying at the bottom of the stairs and was completely unconscious. He seemed agitated and distressed.' Paramedic Karen Carr, who arrived on the scene at 12.41pm, described the patient as 'combative' and said he would not remain still and kept trying to remove equipment as she tried to treat him.'He was still unconscious until just before the paramedics came. Southwark Coroners Court heard Mr Carpenter was taken to Kings College Hospital where scans that revealed he had suffered a severe brain haemorrhage.He tried to get up but I don't think he was quite aware of what he was doing. The inquest heard he could not be operated on because of his heart condition and the fact he had been on Warfarin, a blood thinning medication which could have made the bleed worse.Dr Greg Fellows, a specialist registrar at Kings College Hospital, said Mr Carpenter was later transferred to the high dependency unit.

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