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Kimberley locke is dating

finalist and Celebrity Fit Club participant Kimberly Locke is dating Harvey E. Whether you’re separated or married — whatever — I would like it to be cleared up.

Walden IV, the drill sergeant-like trainer on VH1’s celebrity weight-loss show. Until then we can hang out together and have fun together.” She said that it was not her time on Celebrity Fit Club that led to the connection, which developed later.

1 on various Billboard charts with a range of pop, R&B and even Christmas songs.

Now she is embracing her disco diva side with her new dance single, “Strobe Light.” has a first listen.

Listen to the song here: “I’m that kind of singer who just loves to sing, no matter what it is,” says Locke, 32. I love singing the old classics, like Judy Garland, and the old covers, but trying to find where I fit into that after was like, ‘Let’s try this, or let’s try that.’ Well, after trying a few things, which I have, dance seemed to be the most successful.” FROM 2008: Celebrity Fit Love: Kimberley Locke Dating Her Trainer Available on April 6 on i Tunes, “Strobe Light” is the result of Locke’s collaboration with producers Cutfather (Christina Aguilera) and ‘s own Randy Jackson.

“What initially started as a conversation with Randy Jackson to get advice turned into a partnership,” Locke says.

“I remember driving home after talking to Randy and I said to myself, ‘Now, I’ve been off -related people, it would have been early in my career!

But when I started working with Randy, and this is what I love about Randy, he asked me straight out, ‘Who are your fans?

’ And I was like, ‘the dance community, those are my fans.

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It changed my life, because i realized that whatever i’m going through, it’s not bigger than what’s going on at camp heartland,” she said. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of mailonline. It’s a standard,” locke says of her 2011 christmas selection. I enjoy doing business just as much as i enjoy singing,” says locke, who was about to enter law school when she auditioned for “american idol” in 2002 and found her life taking a new direction after finishing third behind ruben studdard and clay aiken. Holiday songs crowd out non-seasonal hits on the billboard charts as radio turns to christmas fare.

Next up for locke: working with an artist she has signed to her company, sev sanders, and a new christmas single – no surprise, as her three ac no.

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