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In fact, in Israel’s history most Kings refer to David as…their ancestral father for this very reason.What was so unique about his connection that makes him such a patriarch in biblical history and icon in modern Christianity?Well I think one of the clues is his unique communication with God.There is something deep in the core of David that bubbles forth when he writes or sings.I kind of hope that springs up from the depth of his soul to defy the process and engage in an encounter with God.He is known for rejecting the strict rules the priests were given, trading the process for undignified worship.Something the priests feared they would suffer for. Remember their approach to the holy of hollies was marked with purification processes and even then they were not sure they wouldn’t drop dead in the presence of God. And in those days sin was bound up in the heart of a man so exposing himself to God without the cleansing rituals, meant certain death.Just for extra measure, a rope was tied around their ankle, just in case they dropped dead, this way they could pull a dead priest out without having to go in and be exposed to God’s presence.David proceeds to enter the holy of hollies and talk directly to God, usually only done by a priest of Levi.So how did David thrive in this culture and environment? It proves that He will go to great lengths, moving heaven and earth, to be connected with us. David was practiced in his ability to draw the favor of God into his life.It seems obvious now after the death and resurrection of Jesus, that all God wanted was an intimate, heart-to-heart connection with His people. And when we just look at him with one look of desire in our eye, it says in Song of Solomon, He lavishes the kingdom upon us. One of the clues we have is the way he wrote the psalms. It is easy for us to strip it down and turn it into a process, but it flows from the heart of a man in intimate embrace with his God.

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