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Basic principles and counting techniques are discussed and a method is described for measuring the radioactivity of C/sup 14/ directly.

The sample is converted by chemical methods into a suitable form, such as carbon dioxide, acetylene gas, or solid carbon, which is placed inside a shielded Geiger or proportional counter, where it constitutes the gas or lies on the inner counter wall.

In this way a maximum count rate is achieved using relatively inexpensive equipment.

Data are included on the natural abundance of radiocarbon in the earth, radiocarbon genesis and mixing, the activity of samples from the terrestrial biosphere, the radiocarbon content of various archeological specimens of known age, the age of a nuinber of human occupation sites in America, and the age of a variety of archeological specimens as determined by radiocarbon dating procedures.

Applications of radiocarbon dating procedures in the fields of archeology, geology, meteorology, and oceanography are discussed.

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Susanne Neubauer's article on German art historian "Ludwig Grote und die Moderne 1933-1959" (RIHA Journal 0180) looks at Grote's efforts for internationalization after the National Socialist regime, during which Modern art was ostracized.

Grote was actively involved with art in and from Brazil.

In 1960, for example, he brought a large exhibition on Lithuanian-Brazilian artist Lasar Segall, organized by the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, to Nuremberg.

– Currently, 80 years after the infamous "Degenerate Art" exhibition in Munich, the Museum Lasar Segall in São Paulo presents the exhibition “The Degenerate Art of Lasar Segall: Persecution to Modern Art in Times of War” (25/11/2017-30/04/2018).

Soldier’s cemeteries, war memorials and the commemorative culture of the war dead are an emerging field of interdisciplinary and transnational research.

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