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Hard Rock/Nu Metal Occupation(s) Guitarist Instrument(s) Guitar Years active 1992 - Present Label(s) Roadrunner Records Associated acts Slipknot/Stone Sour Website Slipknot website/ Stone Sour website   History Root joined Slipknot during the recording of their self-titled album after then-guitarist Josh Brainard decided to leave the band over his unhappiness with the band's direction.

3: (The Subliminal Verses)   Masks When James first joined Slipknot, he adopted ex-guitarist Josh Brainard's mask.

It was a black bondage mask that covered most of his head.

He had purple hair at the time and used to pull parts of it up through a hole in the top of the mask.

After a couple of shows and one photo shoot, he decided to change masks, as the bondage mask was too uncomfortable to allow him to concentrate on playing.

He adopted a jester's mask, said to represent that side of his personality. It is still a jester's mask, but this one lacks the red diamond detailing around the eyes and a zipper in between the lips.

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  Guitars SLIPKNOTFender Flat Head Telecaster HH Black (Main)(Custom model [2 vol nobs])Fender Flat Head Telecaster HH Black (Dropped A Tuning)(Custom model[same as above])Fender Flat Head Showmaster HH Black ("JR" on 12th fret)Backstage Custom Charvel San Dimas HH model built by Fender.(It has a traditional Stratocaster look, but a thinner neck and 2 humbuckers).Jackson SL1 Soloist Black guitar (In Slipknot Tour)Jackson SL3 Soloist Grey guitar (In Slipknot- IOWA Tour)PRS Private Stock Black (Based around the Standard 24)(In Slipknot- IOWA Tour)Maverick JR-4 STONE SOURFender flat head-black Fender H/S/S Strat with EMG pickups-all black Fender Custom Telecaster Flame Mapel Top HH Black Cherry burst Fender American H/H tele with EMG pickups-black w/white scratch plate All Jim's guitars are down tuned electrics to drop B and C#Various martin acoustics Jim uses Ernie Ball strings in custom sets 11-56 electric lies   Trivia   Root is 6'6" tall His natural hair color is sandy brown. Although he is left-handed, he plays the guitar right-handed.Previous to Slipknot and Stone Sour, Root was in the bands Dead Front, and Atomic Opera Currently dating Italian vocalist Cristina Scabbia from the band Lacuna Coil. Cristina Adriana Chiara Scabbia popularly known as Cristina Scabbia was born on 6 June 1972.She is an Italian singer and lyricist, best known as one of the two vocalists in the Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil.She used to write an advice column in the popular rock magazine Revolver, alongside musician Vinnie Paul. hl=en&taken-by=cristinascabbia Scabbia is featured in a Megadeth song “À Tout le Monde (Set Me Free)“.She also featured on “The Theory of Everything“, an album from Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Ayreon project, with which she is cast as the Mother. Scabbia performed a duet with the Italian ex-singer of Linea 77 Emiliano Audisio on the track “Beautiful Lie” to be part of the soundtrack for the 2013 Italian film Passione sinistra. Cristina Scabbia was in relationships with Marco Coti Zelati (1994 – 2003) and James Root (2004 – 2017). ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥By the way "Christina" spells he name with NO H. Photo and video credit: © Julie Goldstein, Backstage VIPs magazine The original video for this image can be found here. We still love each other, but it's on a completely different level."Scabbia also spoke about her ten-year relationship with SLIPKNOT guitarist Jim Root and the difficulty of maintaining a long-distance relationship while spending so much time on tour.In a brand new interview with Revolver magazine, vocalist Cristina Scabbia of Italian heavy rockers LACUNA COIL was asked if it was difficult to end her romantic relationship with the band's bassist Marco Coti Zelati knowing that they had to continue working together in the group. (Root lives in Florida while Cristina resides in Italy.)"Well, my lifestyle is challenging already," Cristina explained. So you have to learn to live your life in a different way, but in a way that works for you.

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