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Is solange dating alan ferguson

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Obviously, Beyonce and Jay-Z seem like the perfect couple from the outside, what with their billion dollar fortunes and their massive success.But as we know with all of the reports that have been leaking recently, their marriage is far from perfect.Solange had to date a lot of losers to find Alan, but is Jay-Z one of Beyonce’s losers or her soul mate?Now that Solange is getting married again, do you think she’ll insist on her sister getting divorced and going back out there in search of true love?It’s obvious that Solange doesn’t hold Jay-Z in very high esteem, and why would she? She thinks the guy cheated on her sister with Rachel Roy! But by proving that ‘true love’ is possible even after a divorce, Solange might be trying to send Beyonce a message. Music video director Alan Ferguson is the boyfriend of singer, songwriter, actress and model Solange Knowles.His girl who is also the younger sister of Beyonce has been caught on tape in what allegedly seems like a physical assault from her to none else then her big sis’ s man Jay Z!The footage shows the 27-year-old singer violently attacking Jay Z with her big sis next to them only watching!Solange was held back by a large man who appears to be a bodyguard, but she was still able to get in some kicks and definitely makes contact at least three times.

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