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Is matt passmore still dating rachael carpani

She shot to fame as the third daughter of Jack Mc Leod, Tess, and remained on the show until March, 2006.

Luke, now 35, immediately took up a regular role on Home and Away until 2011 and during that time appeared on Dancing with the Stars.

He has also taken up TV hosting roles for Beauty and the Geek and on The X Factor.

Zoe Naylor, now 39, played Regan Mc Leod, Jack Mc Leod's niece.

Zoe went on to work in radio and on television as a presenter and journalist on A Current Affair, The Footy Show, Gladiators, MTV and Nine News.

At one point, you could switch on a TV almost anywhere in the world and you’d see an episode of Mc Leod’s Daughters, the sweeping romantic drama series celebrating the pioneering spirit of Aussie women on the land.

“I’m still getting mail from the Netherlands, Germany and Italy,’’ laughs Michala Banas, who played Kate.

“I think it was such a great thing to be a part of, because lots of things come and go, but this had a lasting effect on people.’’Michala left halfway through the final season, in 2009, but fans are still smitten with the series’ strong and independent female characters.

“I was petrified when I got the job, because it involved horse riding, sheep, cows and dirt.

I’m a city girl, and I really didn’t know anything about that stuff,’’ she admits. I can drive a tractor and I can –badly – shear a sheep!

’’ Michala can’t believe it’s around 10 years since Lisa Chappell and Jessica Napier left the show, as they’ve barely changed – though Lisa has lopped off her locks.

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