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I don’t consider myself to be an authority on all things website related. Browse through the options within different themes.

I started this one in January of 2016, knowing next to nothing about blogging. Find one that appeals to you, is at least somewhat customizable, and select it. I used two or three different themes before I settled on this one, and I have added a “child theme” to further customize the font, colors, and spacing. Plugins are little helpers that performs tasks within Word Press.

While I’m still learning how to best do some of the behind-the-scenes technical wizardry, I know a lot more than I did when I first got started. In a little over a year, I’ve grown this blog’s readership from a few a day, and those numbers continue to grow at a steady and rapid pace. Many are completely free or have a free “lite”version.

I regularly field questions from other relatively new bloggers, and I do what I can to give sound advice and help them out. Consider adding plugins for the following tasks: Before you do a lot of writing, do a lot of reading.

I’m creating this page as a resource to share with them, and to give my non-blogging readers an idea of what goes into this endeavor. It had better be a topic you’re knowledgeable and passionate about, because you’re going to spend a whole lot of time writing and thinking about it. It’s also best to have something unique you bring to the table. If you are starting a blog, you’ve probably read some blogs and have an idea of what your voice will sound like, and how it will be different from the rest. Read magazines and columnists — these authors are getting paid for the words they drop on a page.

Consider this your free “factory tour.” If you enjoy shows like How It’s Made (as I do), please read on while I describe how to start a site, create great content, and help readers find it. How will creating this site add value for the reader who already has thousands of blogs to choose from? If it’s been done before and done well, be prepared to do it differently (and preferably better). Dreamhost: hosts more than 1.5 million sites, blogs, and apps. Dissect those paragraphs and think about what makes their writing special.

Before you start a website, you ought to have a good idea of what the premise of the site will be. I chose to create a FIRE blog for high-income professionals because that’s what I wanted to read and I wasn’t finding it. If you want to start a personal finance blog that also shares hot sauce recipes, crossfit regimens, travelogues, and pictures of your stupid cat, you might have a hard time finding a dedicated audience. You need a domain name, which you may purchase separately or with your hosting, depending on the company or companies you choose to buy from. Are they writing in the first person and drawing you into the scene? The King book is simply a book about writing with an autobiographical slant.

Your name should be memorable, available (check here), and not too long. To get your domain name registered, website hosting, and Word Press installed, I would follow any of the following excellent guides from my friends. It’s already been done and done well, so I’m not going to reinvent that wheel. If you appreciate my advice, I would be pleased if you would return to this page and click through these to start your own site when you’re ready. Do they circle back to ideas or visuals presented earlier in the piece? In summary, the author tells you to avoid the passive voice, allow your story (or post) to develop without too much predetermined, and understand that sometimes less is more.

Please note that those sites and this one contain affiliate links, meaning the site gets paid if you the links to sign up for a service. I will receive a commission and I’ll donate a decent chunk of the reward. This may sound ironic coming from the man behind It and The Stand, but he’s telling to cut out the excess. Make obscure references to hip hop songs (or country if you must, but don’t expect me to get it). If 60% of the time, your attempts at humor work every time, you deserve a medal. You might also want to mix in some humor that requires no savant-like knowledge of song lyrics and movie quotes.Bigscoots: When I outgrew my first host, I switched to Bigscoots for improved performance, and have been please with the VPS service. Words like really and very are really very unnecessary. If the previous paragraph was pure gibberish, you might be a standard deviation or two away from my target reader, but that’s alright. I’m still using a free theme (Smartline Lite) and it has served me well.You could say they are superfluous, and that only took one word, a more descriptive word at that. As long as you smirk at least a little at “a skeleton walked into a bar and said, ‘gimme a beer and a mop.’” Of course, humor may not belong in the content you’re creating.I include the Stein book because the man has a knack for solid, self-depreciating humor. If your site’s focus is on hospice care or fighting the opioid epidemic, humor may not serve you well. Tales of your fears and failures will help the reader identify with you. Show them what you’ve done and what you hope to do.He describes how he inserts himself into all sorts of testosterone-rich situations as part of a grand experiment in which he is the subject. I think for most of us, it will be someone like us. Demonstrate how a 2% fee on their investments will cost them millions, using Biz Markie’s friends as examples. Money can be a dry topic, so I try to stir in a little bit of the funny, but you might be better off with writing that educates and inspires. Readers don’t want to read your diary, but mixing in some personal details helps readers develop a connection with you.Sort of a scrawnier, less cerebral Tim Ferriss, although Stein is clearly quite intelligent — he bested my SAT score by 40 points. You can’t get to this point without the first steps, but if you are going to gain any traction, you need to create articles that readers will not only enjoy, but also comment on and share. Someone who has similar interests, goals, and circumstances. Part of your site’s look will depend on your chosen theme, but there are additional considerations within each post.#humblebrag When I’m struggling to find a way to add humor to a post, I wonder WWJD (What Would Joel Do) and find inspiration. My target reader is essentially the person I see in the mirror, or in the photo albums when I see a younger version of myself. If the font is too small or too large, reading your posts will be a pain.A physician (or similar high-income professional) who is interested in living a life less ordinary. Assume he or she shares your quirky sense of humor and affinity for craft beer. Be sure to look at your blog in a couple different browsers and on a mobile device and / or tablet. I’ve got a vast library of digital images I’ve taken over the last fifteen years, so I mostly draw from that, but there are archives of images that you can use for free if you prefer stock images.Customize your theme’s settings until you get the look you like. Reading on a screen is not the same as reading on a page. Even if there’s no natural break point in your prose, it’s a good idea to mix things up with a heading (that one’s an H4 heading) so that you don’t have an entire screen of just plain text.While paragraphs eight sentences long might make sense and work in print, a paragraph on the screen becomes tedious after the third sentence. Limit your paragraphs to just a few sentences even if you think the sentence, like this one, belongs in the paragraph above. A free plugin I use (Yoast SEO) actually gets mad at me when I place more than 300 words under a single heading. Be comical, but try not to be redundant like I just was.

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