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There are a lot of ways to get your credit scores and credit reports and a lot of credit report monitoring services out there.

The reality is that most of them are the same services repackaged by different companies.

We selected these credit report monitoring services because each of them offers something valuable at a better price than you can find elsewhere.

All of our recommended services provide email alerts within 24 hours of a change to your credit report and are run by large, reputable companies. Just sign up for one of the services with a free trial and cancel before the trial period ends.

Have more questions about credit reports, credit scores or credit report monitoring?

The Nokia 3 is reminiscent of older Windows Phone-toting Nokia phones.

It’s a blocky rectangle, with a matte plastic back that feels like it should pop off and a metal rim.

The slightly rounded corners and sides make the device easy to grip, and in typical Nokia fashion, the phone feels like it could survive being run over by a tank.It’s a serviceable design, but it feels a little dull.I’ve been a fan of Nokia’s approach to higher-end devices, but not so much its budget approach.The capacitive buttons below the display lack any form of backlight, which makes the device difficult to use in the dark.In general, it feels like HMD has adopted the Nokia look but without making any improvements to it.The Nokia 3 is small and can be comfortably used in one hand.This is becoming increasingly rare, and it’s quite nice to go back to a phone with a 5-inch display.The device itself is similar in size to an i Phone 6/6S/7, and the latest Moto G.It feels lighter than those phones, though, which is likely a result of the plentiful use of plastic in the construction.The display on the Nokia 3 is a 5-inch panel, with a 720p resolution and a Gorilla Glass coating.It isn’t great, even for the price – and, again, Nokia isn’t really doing anything here that hasn’t been done before.

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