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Other updates correct errors unrelated to security, or enhance functionality.Microsoft routinely releases security updates on the second Tuesday of each month (Patch Tuesday), but can provide them whenever a new update is urgently required to prevent a newly discovered or prevalent exploit targeting Windows users.

On the slightly less-exciting side are the transformations to the update system.

It has advantages, like improved security, but it can also go wrong.

Microsoft Office 2016 will be running an auto-update feature, similar to Windows 10Updates will change in Windows 10.

What's more..., as well as a number of different servicing branches, also similar to the new operating system.

Let’s explore what that means for your Office 2016 installation.

Sometimes you'll encounter an error during a clean first time install.

One of the most pertinent will concern Office 2016 adoption of the somewhat overbearing Windows 10 auto-update system.

The Office 2016 system will use a similar style to the Windows 10 update branches Failure to install the CB updates will, as with Windows 10, result in a severance from scheduled security updates rendering consumers vulnerable to attack.

If you've lost the product serial number, you would be best served to contact Microsoft if the key was ever activated or use a Microsoft tool to recover the serial from your system.

Office 365 (Office365) is an online productivity suite that is developed by Microsoft.

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