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International dating matchmaker agency czech republic

The Short Version: The Czech Republic’s rich cultural history inspired by adventure and romance is attracting a growing number of American men looking for love, and Eastern European Matchmaker is helping them find it.

The agency’s bespoke approach to international dating connects Western men and Czech women who are seeking long-term, life-changing relationships.

Owners Rodney and Jitka Rogers (themselves a product of an American-Czech match) understand how to bring couples together across oceans and cultural divides.

Watching the sun go down over Old Town Square in central Prague is a magical experience.

Rays of light reflecting off gothic tower spires envelop the landscape in a bright orange glow.

Locals play guitars on the steps surrounding the Jan Hus Memorial as couples gaze into one another’s eyes.

It’s a romantic scene, to be sure, and one that has inspired wanderlust in an increasing number of American men seeking to find a soul mate in Eastern Europe.

Marriages between Czech women and American men are on the rise — with 5,000 such unions reported in 2015 alone.

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While international dating comes with an array of challenges, including language, geographical, and cultural barriers, Eastern European Matchmaker (EE Matchmaker) is helping ease the process for American men and Czech women looking to connect.

Owners Rodney Rogers (an American) and Jitka (his Czech-born wife) started the international dating agency in response to the growing demand by Western men and Czech and Slovak women for a simplified way to meet.

The married couple’s backgrounds give them an intimate understanding of what both sexes and cultures are seeking.

As a result, EE Matchmaker has helped international couples build happy, healthy, and long-lasting relationships — many of which have turned into marriage.

If you’re an American man on a quest to find romance and adventure, the agency’s hands-on approach can put you on the path to discovering an intelligent, interesting, and beautiful partner overseas. “We’ve helped make a lot of couples, and we really enjoy what we do.” Few people can better guide you through the international matchmaking process than the couple who has done it themselves.

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