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" I muttered harshly under my breath as I watched the status of my homeward bound flight change from delayed to canceled. " This last one loud enough to be heard by those around me.

Not that they cared, because they were experiencing the same feelings as me. I travel to Denver regularly for work and during this particular week, it was hit by an unexpectedly harsh snow storm.

It was Friday and I had to be back in Denver on Monday for work.

It looked like I was going to end up staying the weekend.

I dialed my wife, Kristi, to let her know the worst had happened.

Realistically, we had both been mentally preparing for this news for the last few hours.Ergo, besides the disappointment we both felt, the conversation went well.I travel a lot for work, so sometimes, it is what it is.Kristi let me off the hook gently, her sweet voice matching perfectly with her pale, sparsely freckled face, green eyes and long auburn hair.We had been married for 10 years and her beauty still made my jaw drop on a regular basis.Though honestly, at five feet four inches in height and 115 pounds, there are a lot of jaws dropping when she enters a room.We're both long-distance runners so are both fit and trim people who enjoy a very active life.As I rolled my carry-on out to the ground transportation area, I pondered on how I was doubly disappointed.This was due to the fact that I was going to miss our plans tonight with our friends, Sabrina and Derrick.In truth, Sabrina, who we call Bri, was Kristi's friend. About a year previous, Bri had gone through a messy divorce.My Kristi, already a good friend, had been there for her through it all.

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