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Right And would Love to find an american men i travel twice a year to New York i Love The city and The way of americans. I am a simple girl,easy to talk love to laugh and joke around,but i am also a loving,caring and understanding but it depends upon the situation,if you are interested just drope me a line,thank you... I prefer a home cosiness and family way of life to a freedom. Hi, I'm from the UK and have been living in Andalucia for 2 years.

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I don't want to get in your argument, I just want to remind those that care that Wikipedia IS NOT a reliable source of information. I readily admit I don't know the history of that school. The Mothers gathered in the break room and had some cake with smiles on. He commanded the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

I see you will feel very lost as a human if you aren't attached to this material flag that you put so much worth in. They should have their say, the opposition gets their say, and then it is put to a vote. If not and it is just another knee-jerk reaction..absolutely should not be changed. I agree that the Confederate Flag should not be flown outside government offices. I wonder where the censorship will truly end though. Every year my place of employment bought several large cakes for Mothers Day. Civil War who has been venerated as a heroic figure in the South.

Why do you think someone is even taking it from you? You can have them all over your property and no one will take it from you. The 465 petition signers shouldn't move that issue forward on their own.

when the Nazi, maggot-ridden, Jackboot Obamazz marxist/liberals pry it out of my cold dead hands.... Changing the name of the school, even though I am Not Truly Affected, I believe is just another politically correct move and should be voted on if they are serious.

But I guess, in the end, you may take my Confederate Flag ...

Yes, some things posted there may be true, but keep in mind that unprotected pages can be altered by anyone, anywhere at anytime. However, there were never any cakes bought for Fathers Day. Lee High School is located at 6540 Franconia Road in Springfield. The petition, posted to , so far has 465 supporters; it is directed at Fairfax County School Board Member Sandy Evans, who represents the Mason District. Pay close attention to the ADL Anti Defamation Law section of this wealth information..

It is the ultimate site for revisionist historians. One of my co-workers brought it up at a meeting and it made it upstairs to the powers that be. Debate over the flag and other Confederate symbols rose in the weeks after Dylann Roof allegedly opened fire on a traditionally black Charleston church, killing nine, on June 17. They want us all to hate one another, fight and kill each other as THEY fuel the fires for ""Civil War TWO"" ..""Order out of CHAOS"" Then....

In their infinite wisdom, the powers decided to satisfy the Fathers. Roof was associated with hate groups and had posted pictures of himself with white supremacist symbols, including the Confederate flag. THE ""New World Order"" 2/fullcircle/Read this again!! Pay close attention to the ADL Anti Defamation Law section of this wealth of information..

They STOPPED giving Mothers their cake on their special day. There is of course a counter-petition that has been signed now. They want us all to hate one another, fight and kill each other as THEY fuel the fires for ""Civil War TWO"" ..""Order out of CHAOS"" Then.... We are all SLAVES to the BEAST propaganda machine.."Weapon of mass distraction" Your TV!! I "personally" can totally understand why the confederate flag represent....stupid BS........."If we forget history we are destined to repeat it." (George Santayana)To do such a thing would be wrong in my eyes. ""I think you can relate it to separation of Church and State."" WTF is that?!?!

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