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starring Jo Jo Fletcher, it only took one episode for Jo Jo to make it abundantly clear who she was immediately most comfortable with.Usually, the show uses this as a ruse for viewers and the early favorite rarely makes it to the end, but not in this case.

Jordan continued: 'So blessed to not only have found the love of my life @joelle_fletcher , but have an amazing family and new family to share a life with. #fletchersmeettherodgers.'Continuing the brotherly love, Luke shared the same picture, captioning it: 'Love this dude more than anything.

So great surprising my baby bro and his fiancé @joelle_fletcher tonight.

@jrodgers11 #brothers #love #family.' Noticeably absent: Jordan has a famously strained relationship with his older brother Aaron (who plays for the Green Bay Packers, pictured earlier this month), who was not present for the celebration on Saturday Speaking of the issue with E!

News, Jordan explained why he was so open on TV about his family problems: 'I hadn't seen the show before, so I didn't really have an expectation, which may be naive on my part.

Family things are always tough, and they're always tough to address, let alone on a TV show.''But I knew I made a commitment to go on there and be honest with Jo Jo and make sure that she knew everything because we didn't have any time off-camera and we were going to get to a proposal,' he continued.

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