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History text selection and updating

A dead loop error appears when printing pages or a range of pages by entering 1, 3, 7-10, etc. Symptoms: If you print pages or a range of pages by entering 1, 3, 7-10, the Pages text box within the Print dialog box with Foxit Reader 3.0 Build 1222, the printing doesn't stop.

That world is moving so quickly that i OS is already amongst the older mobile operating systems in active development today.

That certainly doesn't mean it's underpowered or underfeatured — quite the contrary.

Through what can only be described as relentless and consistent improvement over the years, Apple has made i OS one of the most feature-rich and well-supported platforms on the market.

i OS 7, the system currently powering Apple's mobile devices, offers an easy-to-understand smartphone operating system to new users, a powerful platform for app developers, and a relatively un-fragmented experience across multiple devices.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about i OS is how similar the OS as it exists today is to the OS as it existed 2007, yet the number and breadth of features that Apple has baked in since then is mind boggling.

Far from suffering from the "feature creep" that typically bogs down operating systems over time, i OS has managed to stay relatively snappy and is more internally consistent than anything else available today.

And i OS 8 — launching on devices this fall — looks to evolve the story even further.

How did we get from a platform that began without third-party apps, multitasking, or even copy / paste support to where we are today?

Read on to see exactly how Apple evolved its mobile platform over the years, in our history of i OS.

During the original i Phone announcement, Apple touted that it ran on the same Unix core as Mac OS X and that it used many of the same tools.

Comments History text selection and updating

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