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Hetalia dating sim english

Since i rlly love u all for sticking w/ me, i’ve been working on this: A Boss Dating Sim!! now ur wet dreams w/ boss can finally come tru ;^) sorry if the characters weren’t colored;; this was a rushed project bc i was excited to show u all this ehe ;//w//;;below are some instructions to download it and some guidelines, oh and the link to the game.

However, everything about it does remind me very strongly of the Hetalia strips I've read.

Even the English, which I tend to get very fussy about, has the same not-wrong-but-not-quite-natural-in-some-way-I-can't-peg feel of a translated Manga, although I can't say for sure if that's deliberate.

What I can say for sure, though, is that this is very cute, and Matthew's personality absolutely shines through in every line he speaks or thinks.

(Of course, if a greater Hetalia fan wants to say that he's completely out of character here, then I shall amend that to this Matthew's personality shines through.) The art is outstanding. Something holds me back from giving it a perfect 5, but doing so almost feels like a crime.

The game is beautifully animated, with head-tilts and trembles and little gestures that define the character as strongly as his dialog does: in a scene where he is working up the nerve to kiss you, he is trembling while standing still.

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