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, released Tuesday exclusively for Xbox 360, deserves the sort of gushing, endless praise heaped on its predecessor by gleeful critics drunk on the euphoria of receiving yet another edition of Rockstar's infamous interactive crime drama.

I respect Rockstar's team of writers immensely for avoiding Hollywood cliches in a series that could so very easily follow them to the letter and still make bags of cash.

But it can be difficult to sympathize with a lead character that lacks any compunction about racking up a personal body count to rival Robocop's.

Then again, the wild success of 's gameplay is superficially similar to that of its predecessor, the expansion does pack two key additions — gang warfare and a decidedly darker story.

As veep of his very own motorcycle gang, Johnny can explore the city and kill rival bikers with his posse.

Once you gain access to The Lost's clubhouse — much like As you complete missions with pals in tow, their skills as felons increase, making them more effective backup when you inevitably come to blows with rival factions.

If they die, they are replaced by other members, but their carefully honed skills are lost forever, which gives you a reason to treat these computer-controlled extras as valuable commodities instead of simply cannon fodder.

You'll immediately notice that* Damned*'s tone is darker than Niko's story.

In the game's opening 20 minutes, Johnny grinds a mechanic's face into a spinning motorcycle tire shortly before the bloke's jaw is bashed in by a sledgehammer, courtesy of Billy.

Rockstar has never shied away from controversy, and here, more than ever, the company seems to be courting it — no doubt to the delight of fans who adore the series for its stark violence and sexuality.

When Johnny isn't being offered jobs by local crime syndicates, you're free to wander the streets of Liberty City.

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