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Great expectations dating service in san francisco

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I have a very busy schedule and they require an hour and half of your time.

I decided to not use the service and called to cancel my appointment.

I left a message when I couldn't get a hold of someone.

They then called me and were so rude telling me to never contact them again or fill out any of their forms.

To be yelled at by a service and treated the way that I was only reconfirms my reservations to get involved with this company. I do not recommend anyone spend money on this service because god forbid they call you and yell at you making you feel very small.

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I am fortunate that I did not waste my time or my money but if you are looking for a service to help you go somewhere else.

It is hard enough out there and no one needs to be treated so poorly when their life gets busy.

I have complained and complained only to be sent from one owner to the next owner to the next owner.

Before even going to their office google Great Expectations - Nashville. Everything I was told when I signed up was a lie, execpt the part about all of the money it would cost me.

There is something wrong with a business that changes ownership every year.

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