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Would you spend hours figuring out ways to help students in another country learn an important subject if you didn’t receive any compensation or academic credit for the project?That’s exactly what a group of graduate students in the Organization Information and Learning Sciences program at UNM are doing.And, although they don’t talk about it in these terms, they are also pushing the frontiers of international online learning.

The students from rural areas of Ghana come to the university campus to take clinical courses during the summers.

They then return home and continue to study, using information delivered on their digital tablets as they treat 40 to 50 patients a day.

These physician assistants-in-training are often the only medical assistance available in their small villages.

The students work in difficult conditions, sometimes without access to running water, although they frequently have some kind of wireless connection.

The students are carefully grouped according to region, so that when an individual can’t solve a particular medical problem, they can sometimes catch a bus to a nearby village and work with another student to find an answer.

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