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.’ As such, the given topic is a hot potato, with completely polarized opinions.

They hold no sway over these entities and the markets can fluctuate at any time. At the same time, there are others who prefer only public sector jobs, because they offer job security.

They are of the view that income might be limited in such jobs, but it is fixed and stable.

Let us delve deeper into the game to decide which school of thought can be deemed better.

This will help clear the dubiety whether rummy gaming should be opted for as an occupation.

Rummy is a traditional card game which has been a vital part of many cultures around the world for almost two centuries now.

Geek love speed dating

It has always enjoyed a cult status, with the game being a part of all social gatherings and an essential ritual at the time of festivals.

Card parties are thrown by Bollywood celebrities at almost every celebratory occasion.

We also hear of great high rollers who have made big fortunes from the game.

Nonetheless, when it comes to taking up the game as a mainstream profession, we need to thoroughly ponder over a number of points. This implies that the players must possess a certain set of skills to efficiently play the game, such as: We elaborated the skill requirement of the game to emphasize that it is a game of brilliant minds. Now, let us ponder over the words of some distinguished personalities, regarding the choice of jobs: .’ – Colin Powell What we intend to highlight is the fact that albeit one should go for a career that one is passionate about, it is critical that one has the requisite skills and is dexterous in the field.

So, doyens of the game can go ahead and plan a career in it.

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