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Sometimes I might slip in a vitamin e capsule to be extra hot a Nd wet. id love to feel him pumping a load of ***** deep inside me knowing that this could impregnate me but still... Where is the enjoyment, when you find someone who is so totally f**kable, in making him wear a condom?

I keep track of my cycle so I won't have any accidents. im not sure why but the thought of having a man bare inside me, nothing to separate his *** from my unprotected and possibly fertile ***** gets me soaked and makes me melt.

One time I was on top of one guy, feeling him deep in me, riding him slowly... There is nothing more pleasurable than having damn hot sex with a big guy and having his massive load of *** running down your legs when you stand upright afterwards...

But it doesn't stop me from fantasizing about a bare, thick hard man inside me, telling me he's not going to pull out.

Last night I was playing w/ a friend and his 3 other friends.Omg I came a lot and all of them ****** me w/o a condom.I love feeling every inch of the **** and it's veins as it fills me up..all took turns ******* my *** and yes all 4 came in my ***, one after the other and...His "member" is very veiny which adds pleasure and wearing condoms takes that away.I feel like it brings us closer as a couple as well.But I would never do it with someone who's just a fling or one night stand. When having sex...been awhile sense I have had a man in me but that's one of the plus points of having a long committed relationship which I did have for 10 yrs.So I was done working out and was going to shower when I ran into that trainer that kissed the side of my mouth. We weren't married legally but were so by common law. Sex with a condom is like taking a shower while wearing a raincoat. Well I need to feel all of that throbbing, hard meat inside of me.I was wearing a tank top and a workout skirt that's usually worn by lady tennis players but I love the breezy feeling. I said baby don't be mad and gave him a little pout. Not some plastic coating that dulls out the sensation. and met a guy who lived in same street me, he was much older than me at 72, I had the car so give him a lift home, I helped him carry his shopping into the house, I then said I would help him put it away, as I was bending down to pick something up I felt his squeeze my...I pressed against him and started to unbutton his shirt, I was going to bring him home so you could watch but things got out of hand. There is no substitute for bareback sex, not even the thinnest condom can compare.There is just something about feeling every ridge of a man's penis throbbing and pumping hard inside.The ridge of the head and the bulging veins massaging the walls of my *****, condoms limit... It only took him about a minute for him to dump a big load in my *****.

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