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Brian Robinson, the author of How to Meet Women on the Subway, points out that the NYC transit system is a cost-efficient alternative to bars and restaurants, and offers endless options with its millions of daily commuters.'Since 98per cent of people in New York City are from someplace else, no matter what their answer is, I’d go "Oh, that’s amazing, I've always wanted to go to Montreal, or Paris," or wherever she’s from.’'I don’t care if your stop’s not for 30 minutes - you get off immediately. So you're not asking her out on the subway, because it's just too awkward,' he advises.'If you're polite and you're genuine and you're nice, women will sometimes let the wall come down and they're like "he’s not so crazy after all." And before you know it, you've got the email or the phone number and you leave and they haven’t really thought "Oh, I've just given someone my number on the subway,"' he says.'There was one woman who almost pulled out her Mace when she looked at me.

I’m a nice guy and I don’t know what happened, but she got scared and she reached into her purse and all I said was '"Hey, how’s it going? 'As you go up to swipe them, you have your business card in your other pocket and you say, "I’d love to invite you to a party, or a book-signing.

My contact information is on my card." If you give five of those cards a day, five days a week, that's 25 cards given out a week.''Women who are tourists here are really friendly, looking to meet nice people. So go to the shopping districts and you’ll see them pulling out their maps, carrying their Century 21 bags.

They're definitely prime targets.''A lot of men and women have this perception that they're going to be relaxed and open to meeting somebody on a date or on a dating site or restaurant or being introduced by friends.

But people meet all the time in the most unfamiliar settings,' he says.

The magnetic pull of dating app addiction seems to have sucked unsuspecting Millennials in faster than you can say "let's hook up." When you live in a huge metropolitan area like LA, Chicago, or NYC, it might seem that, despite being surrounded by people, it's impossible to actually meet someone that you could see yourself dating.

Enter: the vast array of online dating options, including Tinder, which might be one of the best dating apps and is definitely the most popular.

If I'm feeling particularly salty about the IRL pool of suitors, I'm comforted by the fact that I could swipe through Tinder until my fingers bleed and still not run out of potential friends/lovers/boyfs.

(If you live in a less populated city, this may not hold true, but it still beats hanging out at the same dive bar hoping a sexy stranger will sweep you off your feet, right?

)We've all been that person who's standing in the corner of the bar on a Friday night fiendishly swiping left and right — whether it's because we're bored, drunk, or lonely is irrelevant.

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