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Further incidents of Secret Service agents soliciting hookers have been revealed four years after the Colombian prostitution scandal – including a report of a male agent who had his gun stolen by a male prostitute he solicited using his government computer in Puerto Rico.Some of the incidents contained in thousands of documents from Homeland Security’s investigation into the agency following the 2012 scandal have now been released after a blogger Malia Litman filed 89 separate Freedom of Information Act requests.

Above, Dania Suarez was the prostitute at the centre of the 2012 scandal‘A male Secret Service agent assigned to Puerto Rico had his issued firearm stolen by a male prostitute who he solicited online.

The theft occurred when the two met up,’ states one document dated May 2014 and obtained by Radar Online.

Shockingly, another incident from 2014 reveals that numerous agents from the Secret Service’s Country Assault Team (CAT) – the team investigated after taking prostitutes to their hotel rooms in Colombia - were spotted ‘engaging with prostitutes’ in Amsterdam’s Red Light district.

The confidential source – a special agent whose name has been redacted in the documents – said that indiscretions such as these were ‘swept under the rug’ and that allegations against agents actually helped their careers.

Another documents revealed further tidbits, such as that one agent ‘exposed his genitals’ and started masturbating in front of a woman said that two senior agents were found to have porn on their computers.

A Republican congressman slept with patients when he was a doctor, had sex with his subordinates and despite a pro-life voting record, pressured women in his life to have abortions.Scott Des Jarlais, who represents Tennessee's 4th district, has so far largely escaped mounting scrutiny of legislators' conduct that has forced four to quit and two more to say they will not seek re-election.But public records show that he had a lengthy record of dubious behavior before being elected as part of the Tea Party wave to represent the largely rural south-east Tennessee district, which stretches from just outside Chattanooga to close to the suburbs of Nashville. He even paid a fine levied by the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners in 2013 for having sex with his patients.The shocking details of the congressman's behavior are contained in 679 pages of court documents that Daily has obtained.They come from days of evidence during his bitter 2001 divorce from his first wife Susan Lohr, nine years before he entered Congress.Des Jarlais, who is now remarried, did not return calls from Daily He has previously said 'God has forgiven' him for his actions - but offered no evidence.And those involved at the time are unwilling to drag up the history.Daily tracked down the two patients who had affairs with Des Jarlais and both refused to comment.One is now 49 years old and the other is 42.'This happened nearly 20 years in the past,' said the younger patient, who was just 24 when they had their affair in 2000.'That's where it needs to stay.'Both the women still live in Des Jarlais' congressional district. During his evidence, Des Jarlais admitted prescribing the now-banned painkiller Darvocet to the older of the patients he was having sex with.

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