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Fairbanks morse engine dating

We have had this scale in our shop since almost the beginning (60 plus years), and as can been seen from the lousy photo, it hasn't any paint left on it.In point of fact, I don't recall it ever having any paint.

I am thinking I can probably clean it up, and repaint the thing in about two weekends time, and having a nice resto will make me feel like I am getting more accomplished than I am. S.: Pay no attention to the beer can in the black cozy sitting atop the scale arm.

It is some sort of aberrant photographic artifact the keeps popping up in my pictures.

Strangely, it only appears in photos taken at the Shop.

I have seen these in black, in grey, and in a dark green.

Actually just about ANY color you might consider is probably correct since these were made over a long period of time meeting the vagaries of the marketplace. I might resist this tendency as a lot of restored machinery is presently perceived as "colorful" - which they frequently were - but more frequently not.

Too much color on machinery tends to lead one to a 'carnival' appearance IMHO.More important than actual color might be how the surface is prepared beforehand. lathe Fitchburg Mass While Peter of this board will take issue with overpainting of existing pin-striping (and his claim of "they're only original ONCE" may indeed be correct) in this case with none of the original finish remaining I think you may be able to justify repainting/restoring for simply the reason of "it pleases you." And have fun with this.The best work in restoration might include filling the surface with bondo or thick paint and then "leveling" the surface to achieve a better quality finish. This might be a candidate for electrolytic rust removal since most of the parts could be done in a large plastic trash barrel - which will save you from getting bogged down in sandblasting (which works VERY well) or long tiring intervals with the wire wheel (which will clean imperfectly at best.) Joe in NH We had one of those platform scales for awhile, years ago.Nathan Lang's machine tool page can be taken as a good example of the technique. The paintwork was generally well-preserved, and appeared to be original.The upright and arm was a light bluish-grey, with pale yellow striping, a rather simple or 'basic' striping pattern.I say 'kght'....could have been a somewhat darker colour originally, which had 'faded' over many years time.\ I don't remember the scale platform too well......may have been a japanned black??cheers Carla You may have a whim to use MANY colors.I might resist this tendency as a lot of restored machinery is presently perceived as "colorful" - which they frequently were - but more frequently not.Too much color on machinery tends to lead one to a 'carnival' appearance IMHO. I had one, I believe it came with the old small farm I bought in 1976, I can't recall what I finally did with it. Readers from away might note that both Fairbanks and Howe were very large businesses making various scales and both founded and for many years headquartered in little Vermont. I have seen a few of these old scales in the past, and from what I remember, a "forrest green" paint seems to be what I recall.I do know that the scale beam was never painted, and seems to have been possibly nickled.Also, there appears to be remnants of silver paint on the weights.

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