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Excel screen autoupdating

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By: Tom Stratton We recently wanted to insert some data from Excel into a Word document, but needed to be able to update the Excel data while we worked on the project.

The Excel files that you want to place into the Word document should be ready before you begin.Any cross-file linking can already be established (though it is not necessary).You can see from the formula bar above that the cells in this table reference cells in a different Workbook.The cell formatting that you place into the Word document is taken from the Excel formatting.You can change this later, but it will help you to visually layout the Word document if the final formatting is applied before you begin.Plus, formatting controls are easier to understand in Excel than in Word.Data from Excel is copied and pasted into the Word document.Therefore, it is best to have text already in place on the Word doc, and then you can simply insert the cells into it. can be done immediately after the cells have been pasted.Simply select the range of Excel cells you want to copy into the Word document and then use command-C to copy.In the above screen shot, I used the Context menu (note that the dashed lines around the table I am copying indicate it is selected).Set the cursor at the position where you want to insert the Excel cells and then use command-V to paste.

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