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1) Are the people of your country well mannered compared to other nationalities? He claims he forgot his wallet but promises to repay you if you foot the bill. You have seen him twice since and he has not offered to reimburse you.2. Team-Player – The new company director has organized a team-building exercise this weekend. You have no desire to go, but you don’t want to be seen as a non-team-player.

2) What customs or social rules does your country have that a foreigner might not know? 4) Do you have any customer service horror stories? Dress Code – Weeks ago, you received a printed invitation to a breakfast seminar at a hotel. You are hesitant to yield your seat to her because it might offend her.

Sincere thank you notes do not have a lot of 'I' included." Then there's the note itself.

According to Devoreaux Walton of The Poise Pursuit, a proper thank you takes a pen.

"A hand-written thank you note is more formal and often, more appreciated, than an emailed note." One of the most uncomfortable tasks that so many us are unfortunately faced with is writing a card to express condolences.

Kidder says it is best to approach this by the same way you would with a thank you card — by taking yourself out of it, focusing on the person you are writing to and perhaps putting yourself in their shoes.

"As a personal example, when my mother passed away, some well meaning notes and letters focused on how shocked the writer was, how sad, etc. Those were hard to read at that time, especially as a grieving young adult in shock." Kidder also believes the most wise approach is to hold off with the uber-positivity in the early days and weeks while the grief is still fresh.

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