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Eq2 timorous deep updating environment map

The good news: Battlegrounds are now enabled on Test and Test Copy. Folks on Test are used to things being broken, unstable, etc.The bad news: Test is closed until Battlegrounds have passed their sanity checks and considered “ready to go live”. They can always just NOT go to Battlegrounds if they are buggy.Posted on EQ2 Forums Since we’ve stated in this thread that the Battlegrounds feature is launching on the 23rd with the digital launch, I’m updating here to say that we’re actually going to be pushing it back a few days to put a few extra anti-cheating measures in place.

The EQ2 Developers are looking for players to help load test the Battlegrounds over on Test Copy before putting them on live servers on the 23rd.

Join developers in playtesting Battlegrounds at 2pm PST today, Friday Feb 19th. Here we are, perched on the precipice of another big launch for our beloved game, EQII.

Next week is a big week for us and for you, the players of this grand game.

You will finally be able to log into the new areas of Odus and explore, level and play in the new area that the team has spent nearly a year putting together.

Characters can now advance to level 90 as adventurers and tradeskillers.

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More items, more spells, more AA’s and we hope lots more fun.

As many have noticed, Halas is not going out with the expansion, many have asked why and the reasoning is twofold.

We have three pretty decent starting areas already. We know they are not perfect and so the team has done considerable work in reworking those areas, streamlining the progress path to make for a better experience.

We believe that you will find the experience in those zones to be far better than it had been.

So, we went to work on higher level content for this launch, which we have with the expansion content and the new Battlegrounds.

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