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Egyptian dating standards

In the course of the dating of Egyptian ancient pottery, pottery sherds were collected from three archaeological tombs in the Nazlet El Samman region in the Giza zone (Egypt).The annual dose was measured by the gamma spectroscopic technique as well as thermoluminescence (TL) measurements.The annual dose results obtained using both methods are in quite good agreement with a consistency of 99.69%.

The TL dating result is 4301 ± 100 which belongs to the “fourth dynasty” in the Old Kingdom.

The obtained ages show that the uncertainties in TL dating using the additive method are much lower than that of archaeologists.

Egyptian chronology can be a challenging subject for biblical creationists.

That’s because the secular, majority view about these chronologies extends further back than an objective reading of the biblical chronogenealogies allows for creation: a little over 6,000 years ago.

These chronologies are hotly debated among Christians and secularists alike, with the consensus being increasingly challenged.

Moreover, some of the incredible Egyptian monuments like the great pyramids on the Giza Plateau have dates ascribed to them that would have them being built before the earth-reshaping Flood of Noah’s time around 4,500 years ago.

Following a strict biblical chronology, Egyptian civilization cannot predate creation, nor can the pyramids be pre-Flood constructions.

This article (although lengthy) does not attempt to solve any of the seeming problems in aligning Egyptian chronologies with the biblical text with any great detail.

But for the average layperson trying to understand Egyptian history, it is often a case of ‘Where do I start? ’ There are so many names, dynasties and dates bandied around with seeming authority that it is a confusing topic to investigate.

Also, without some background or a framework to help the Christian gain some perspective on the issues, it is difficult to be discerning about any information that claims to solve the many mysteries that Egypt presents—and there are dozens of those from Christian researchers alone!

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