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The good news is that our society is beginning to see the value of professional counseling.

One of the most common barriers to counseling is the denial of the existence of a problem, or at least a problem bad enough to seek professional help.

For many, seeking the services of a professional counselor is a lot like going to the dentist—but worse.

This resistance, although understandable (especially if you had the work I had done), was based on a lot of misinformation.

Going to the dentist hurt, it was scary and never ended with a lollipop (as a visit to the doctor sometimes did).

Although this is decreasing, a stigma is still attached to seeing a counselor.

There is an impression—especially among those who have never tried counseling—that only people who are really sick or mentally ill would need to see a therapist.Like the dentist, much of our resistance to going to a therapist is based on misunderstandings.Sometimes re-enacting the first stages of a dating relationship can help rekindle the fires in a marriage. Watching television—both sets of eyes glued to the screen? There’s not much opportunity for eye contact there. The first time a man and woman touch can be an electric moment. What can we do when our relationship lacks romance? Joy suggests going back to the basics—the early bonding stages of dating. Unfortunately, many of us neglect the early stages that drew us together in the beginning. How does the typical American couple spend an evening at home? They progress from the least intimate to the most intimate—from simple eye contact to sexual fulfillment itself. Donald Joy, there are 12 stages to marital bonding that cement us together as a husband and wife. These are the experiences that convey a sentiment that words can’t express. “By the time a child reaches 4 years of age, the focus of discipline should not only be his or her behavior, but on the attitudes motivating it.” Download your copy of this special report today! But does touching continue on a daily basis during married life? James Dobson" are to assist families and positively influence the culture. James Dobson provides actionable advice for parents on how to discipline children in the highly influential seasons of life, between 4 and 12 years old. Dobson has provided audiences for more than 30 years, our goals here at "Family Talk with Dr. Free Offer: “Discipline From 4-12” In this new special report, Dr., you suggested some ways unmarried people can build healthy relationships and not smother each other. Would you apply the "tough love" principle to those of us who are not married?How does the issue of respect relate to our romantic relationships, and how can we build and preserve it?

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