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The full list of Tory MPs on a ‘dirty dossier’ of claims about their supposed sex lives has been published in the US.The spreadsheet, which includes six serving Cabinet ministers, has been partially published in the UK over the past few days.However this evening the entire document, which also contains details of people's relationships where no impropriety is thought to have taken place, was published in the US.

Senior Tories fear the controversy could end up being worse than the expenses scandal as more allegations are made and more senior politicians are named.

Tonight, a woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by an MP during a work trip abroad accused Parliament of failing to act during an interview with ITV News.

Zara (not her real name) told political correspondent Paul Brand that the MP forced himself on her in a hotel room despite her 'making it clear' it was not what she wanted.

It's understood that police interviewed the MP but couldn't charge him as the alleged assault happened in a foreign country.

In the dossier, one MP is accused of 'making' a researcher have an abortion after she fell pregnant and one MP and one Cabinet Minister 'paying' women to be quiet about their alleged behaviour.

The Cabinet Minister is said to have signed a non-disclosure agreement with a woman, while the former minister 'paid a female to be quiet'.Some of the MPs who have been named in the document by the UK press include Mark Menzies, 45, and Stephen Crabb, 44.Mark Menzies, 45, quit as a minister's aide in 2014 shortly after being asked about his relationship with rent boy Rogerio dos Santos Pinto, 19, and is named on the so-called sex 'pest list' over the incident Mr Menzies quit as a minister's aide in 2014 shortly after being asked about his relationship with Rogerio dos Santos Pinto, 19, who claimed the politician had given him a tour of Parliament before allegedly offering to pay him £250 for a two-hour session.Mr Menzies resigned in the aftermath but said at the time that a number of the allegations made by a Sunday newspaper were untrue.He is among nine people on the hit list of 40 names that have been named so far.But at least 13 are MPs have been cited for having consensual relationships without any hint of harassment.Home Secretary Amber Rudd was put on there only because she had a relationship with Eton-educated Tory MP Kwasi Kwarteng after her divorce from AA Gill.Rossendale MP Jake Berry is also named for having a son with his partner Alice Robinson, who was a Tory aide.MP Justin Tomlinson, 40, who settled down with then 25-year-old aide Katherine Bennett in 2016 when he was already divorced is also named.Essex MP Robert Halfon is also on the list because the former minister without portfolio had a six-month relationship with a Tory worker behind his long-term partner's back in 2015 - Jake Berry is named on the list over his relationship with a Tory aide, who is now his long term partner and mother of his son MP Justin Tomlinson, 40, is on the list after he settled down with then 25-year-old aide Katherine Bennett in 2016 when he was already divorced.Theresa May's key ally Damian Green is at the top of Westminster's 'spreadsheet of shame' and repeats claims his email address was on a hacked list the Ashley Madison dating website members, which he has repeatedly denied MARK MENZIES He quit as a ministerial aid in 2014 after denying allegations involving 19-year-old Rogerio dos Santos Pinto who claimed the MP had offered him £250 for a two-hour sex session after a tour of Parliament. STEPHEN CRABBFormer Cabinet Minister Stephen Crabb has admitted sending 'explicit' messages to a 19-year-old woman after a job interview at Westminster.

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