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Decoding dating signals

The good news for men is women are not impossible to figure out. You have hellish clients for the next five hours, and when you finally get home, all you want to do is sit on the couch in your pajamas.

Let’s say she calls you at work in the middle of the day to say she really wants to try a new restaurant in town.

Call your parents back immediately and say, “I’m sorry you booked these tickets without consulting me, but it’s so-and-so’s bar exam in a week. Have you ever returned home from a date feeling on top of the world only to find yourself lying awake hours later, obsessing over every little detail? Here are some highlights from the survey: Universal Truths About Dating 1.When she offered me gum was she trying to tell me that I had bad breath? It doesn’t matter who makes the first move as long as somebody does it. Playing with your phone during a date is a sign of boredom. Our Reading Dating Signals survey could have easily been retitled The Art of Taking Things at Face Value, or more specifically, STOP OVER ANALYZING AND TRY TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. That’s why last week we released a survey asking 2,000 participants ten questions aimed at decoding your dating signals. The results were unanimous across age and gender lines. This kind of obsession will fill you with anxiety and ultimately lead you to your dating demise.If your date is playing with their phone do something interesting or just give up. If the person that you like responds to your texts right away it means that they are more interested in you than if they take more time to respond.Of course, this is with the exception of hippie dippy care-free people who aren’t always glued to their cellphone.If the person you like is this type you shouldn’t take offense to their text lag. Paying Guys pay because they are expected to, it doesn’t distinguish weather he likes you or not.A woman is NOT more likely to sleep with a guy because he pays on a date.Interestingly enough, when we asked “What if he spends over 0? If your date makes plans with you at the last minute, you are not a backup plan, and who cares if you are? If your date asks you out to coffee rather than a drink it doesn’t mean anything special. Conclusion Our dating tips can be summed up into one single word of wisdom: RELAX.

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