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This paper considers the reliability of radiocarbon dates of moa eggshell from archaeological sites in New Zealand.In the light of certain problems associated with alternative materials, it is suggested that eggshell is a reliable material which survives well in archaeological contexts, possesses a minimal inbuilt age and usually dates the event in question most accurately.

– Roller Derby Business Tips – Create If Writing Then – Create If Writing Now – The Surprising Reality Of Your Ideal Audience – Trying Different Products – Opening a Membership Site – Bread and Butter?

– What if the Bottom Falls Out of Online Business?

– Monetizing Your Platform – Favorite Tools for Online Courses – Adorable Mommy Moment Kirsten assured me that she wouldn’t take me in a fight – unless we were on skates 🙂 She says actually you’ve probably met roller derby girls before.

Roller Derby started in 2001 as a countercultural movement; lots of piercings and full-sleeve tattoos were the norm. She’s not doing it now, but for 7 years on and off she skated and coached.

But over time it’s become an outlet for lots of women; on her league, Kirsten says there are lawyers and vets and teachers, and a TON of moms! I could totally see how roller derby gets out all that pent-up rage you might have inside. It’s a 3 night a week commitment, plus games and volunteer hours. I look back and wonder how I ever managed it with kids!

” Kirsten says she learned how to sacrifice to pursue a passion, and that translated into running a business.Kirsten actually has an MFA in Fiction and graduated with a manuscript in hand.Her manuscript got into the hands of an agent and then a publisher, but the publishing house decided to pass on her work. It’s easier these days to self-publish, but when Kirsten graduated she was right on the cusp of the self-publishing trend.When she started, no one was even talking about platform (For Kirsten, fiction is hard to write with kids underfoot.She has to go live in the world of fiction to do her work, which is hard when there are little ones to tend to.She never writes when her kids are around – only if they’re asleep or heavily occupied.She kept trying to make fiction work, but it exhausted her and made her irritable.Kirsten didn’t want to be THAT Mom, so she put her plans on hold and thought to herself, “Well I guess my dreams are going to die!” How many of us mom entrepreneurs can relate to that feeling?Kirsten did find that she had time to write a blog, though, and grew a notable audience without necessarily meaning to.She laughs thinking of starting a blog 10 years ago; she’s still not even sure how people found her!

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