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Since cynically starting online dating three months ago, I have transformed my view of the 'web of love' from a sad endeavour for the romantically-challenged to a rollercoaster with chemical highs and mind-numbing lows.

Online chemistry doesn't translate to real life anyway, right? I signed up to two dating sites (the free ones, I'm looking for young people remember) and the resulting Pandora's box of chemistry, lust, laughter and sex has dramatically reduced my productivity at work. Online dating has introduced some real characters into my life, (you can read about them on the original wordpress blog 'The Online Dating Diaries' - I recommend 'Explorations of a foot fetish' for those who aren't easily offended), and after finding my dating feet (no pun intended) my confidence has sky-rocketed.

I thought online dating was for lonely anoraks in the midst of a mid-life crisis.

“Dan was raised by a wonderful strong woman who taught him to be a gentleman and to treat women with respect.

That’s what crushed me as his fiancée,” she explains.

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