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The Policy configuration service provider enables the enterprise to configure policies on Windows 10.

Use this configuration service provider to configure any company policies.

The Policy configuration service provider has the following sub-categories: Important Policy scope is the level at which a policy can be configured.

The configuration source can use this path to set policy values and later query any policy value that it previously set.

One policy can be configured by multiple configuration sources.

If a configuration source wants to query the result of conflict resolution (for example, if Exchange and MDM both attempt to set a value,) the configuration source can use the Policy/Result path to retrieve the resulting value. Policy/Config/Specifies the name/value pair used in the policy. Policy/Config Operations Added in Windows 10, version 1703.

The root node for grouping different configuration operations. Policy/Config Operations/ADMXInstall Added in Windows 10, version 1703.

Allows settings for ADMX files for Win32 and Desktop Bridge apps to be imported (ingested) by your device and processed into new ADMX-backed policies or preferences.

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